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Wing and Apian launch in Ireland

Alphabet’s Wing and UK-based Apian are partnering to launch a medical drone delivery service in Ireland. The companies will work with hospitals and pharmacies in South Dublin to create a “rapid medical delivery network” that will deliver medicines, laboratory samples, and medical supplies.

The deployment of this network is expected to enhance patient experience while simultaneously reducing traffic congestion and emissions in the community. Shannon Nash, the CFO of Wing, expressed excitement about engaging with the local community and stakeholders as they develop their operations and commence flights. Nash highlighted the potential benefits that on-demand delivery can bring to healthcare, citing the ability to quickly transport pharmacy items, laboratory samples, medical devices, and supplies in urban and suburban areas.

Both companies emphasize the advantages of medical drone delivery, including faster and more reliable service compared to ground-based alternatives. They also acknowledge the potential for addressing inefficiencies and environmental challenges by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

This operation in south Dublin will be Wing’s second in Ireland, following a successful public demonstration of their services in Lusk. Nash commended the thoughtful input and collaborative approach from the community in Lusk, which provided invaluable feedback on the future of drone delivery. She further emphasized the tremendous opportunities that drone delivery holds for enhancing both operational services and the benefits delivered to patients and healthcare providers.

Wing’s CFO expressed optimism about the regulatory progress in the European Union and the UK, which paves the way for safe and beneficial drone services at scale. The partnership with Apian signifies their commitment to investing in these outcomes and advancing the possibilities of medical drone delivery.

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