SkyBound Rescuer Mission Coordinator and Remote Safety Pilot

SkyBound Rescuer Mission Coordinator and Remote Safety Pilot

At SkyBound Rescuer we believe in recruiting people, not job roles.

SkyBound Rescuer is a funded startup passionate about the use of drones in public safety and search and rescue. We have two exciting opportunities for individuals needed over the coming months, with a strong fit for our organisation and culture, self-motivated flexible individuals who understand that in joining our small team they will become significant contributors to the success of our business and will enable us on our lifesaving mission.

We have two exciting positions in the Operations Team, these are:

Mission Coordinator hybrid role (training and flight safety) – in this role, you will be creating missions using the SkyBound Coordinator software from initiation to launching the drone on the mission, monitoring the flight along with telemetry of other inputs to landing and reviewing a post-flight report.

In addition to the coordinator duties, you will also be assisting the Accountable Manager as the Flight Safety Coordinator with flight training also Air Safety Management duties. Competitive salary depending on experience plus benefits. You will already hold a GVC and have experience within the wider Emergency Services or Military. Due to the nature of this hybrid role, you will also have a training and safety background.

Remote Safety Pilot (RSP) – in this role, you will be positioned next to the Automated Drone Station (ADS) and will maintain “eyes on” the drone and airspace throughout flights and, should it become necessary, you will takeover manual control of the drone to land it safely. This role carries the same legal responsibility and training & competency requirements as a usual remote pilot. As we progress to BVLOS operations, this role will re-role in the future to a more technical role whereby employees will be attending the ADS at locations to carry out servicing and test flights. Competitive salary plus benefits. You will already hold a GVC with experience of operating drone at VLOS.

For both positions, you will need to travel to our Southampton office on a daily basis.

We welcome anyone that is interested to send their CVs to along with answers to these 2 questions: what are you most passionate about in life? What value would you like to bring to SkyBound Rescuer?

If you have any questions or would like more detail about the role, we can share a Job description with you.

SkyBound Rescuer is an equal opportunities employer, we actively encourage an inclusive culture within the business.