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FIMI Manta VTOL Fixed wing Tiltrotor 

The Manta vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing utilizes a Y3 configuration with a tilting rotor design, combining the advantages of multirotor hover capability with the efficient cruising characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft.

The choice of a flying wing, and tailless layout design gives the product a unique and innovative appearance, optimizing the fuselage volume, and enhanced endurance, with a maximum flight time of up to 85 minutes.

The Y3 configuration with tilting rotors combined with a flying wing tailless design makes the flight more versatile and efficient.

Manta adopts a locking four-bar linkage-tilting structure with metal gear servos and all-metal rocker arms. It features high-impact resistance and a compact structure and requires only simple and hassle-free maintenance.

The Manta features an extra-large capacity battery compartment that is compatible with 3S1p 18650, 4S1p 18650, and 3S1p 21700 batteries.

The multi-functional equipment compartment provides perfect support for analog image transmission and high-definition image transmission.

Manta supports expandability and is compatible with the FIMI G21 Pro three-axis gimbal camera.

ArduPilot open-source firmware

Being fully compatible with open-source software allows users to customize their own configurations. Since its code is continuously synchronized in real time with official software, it offers a high level of playability.

Reliable hardware design

Three-in-one design with 20A ESCs for each channel. Open-source flight controller hardware. ​
4-channel serial port
​Supports GPS, HD video transmission, and a CRSF protocol receiver (compatible with TBS and ELRS) ​
2-channel I2C ​
Supports an electronic compass and airspeed sensor (not included by default). ​
1-channel SBUS
​Supports an SBUS receiver, analog video transmission, and camera

Rich playability ​

*Modification/installation effects are for reference only.

Designed with multiple considerations to indulge the joy of flying!



Length:445mm ​Takeoff Weight: 500g

Endurance:60min(3s 1p 18650 3000mah) ​Cruising Speed: 12m/s

Stall Speed: 8m/s ​Wing Area: 11.8dm²

Motor: 2004 2700kv ​ESC:20A three-in-one ESC

Propeller: 6026 two-blade propeller ​Battery: Recommended 3S 1P 18650 or 3S 1P 21700 5000mAh (maximum endurance of 85 minutes)

Endurance Configuration Details:

 Battery Model: 3S1p 21700

Capacity: 5000mAh

Takeoff Weight: 550g

Maximum Flight Time: 85 minutes

Cruising Speed: 12m/s (without video transmission installed)

Battery Model: 3S1p 18650

Capacity: 3000mAh

Takeoff Weight: 550g

Maximum Flight Time: 60 minutesCruising Speed: 12m/s (with Caddx Vista Air Unit video transmission installed)

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