Dronetag BS flies into America

Dronetag BS flies into America

3000, the mountain of Dronetag BS devices tailor-made for hobby pilots in the US that need to equip their aircraft with Broadcast Remote ID before September 16, dispatched from our warehouse in the Czech Republic

Thanks to all customers for your patience. We know it took us longer than promised, but we did everything possible to make it up to you!

We believe the quality was worth it definitely let us know what you think!

Remote ID deadlines

Most drone American pilots are required to use Remote ID when flying after September 16, 2023. They can use add-on devices, Remote-ID compliant drone models or limit their flying inside of dedicated training zones (FRIAs)

(I love the Dronetags naming convention, well done them (ed))

Meet the black sheep of the Dronetag family. If you call the whole concept of Remote ID the epic BS, our Basic Solution is the perfect solution for you! Dronetag BS is a no-fluff bare Direct / Broadcast Remote ID minimum for aeromodelers, FPV pilots, and hobbyists to get them RID-ready. Compliant with EU & US standards, FAA approved.