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DJI just scaled drone delivery FlyCart30

If your multirotor-based delivery drone system carries less than 30kg, has no international dealer network and has not trained users in your systems and style with smaller things you sell, then you might as well give up.

NGOs around the world that want to drive delivery drone trials are already using DJI gear to map and record their areas of interest or create images for PR.

They know DJI, they trust DJI, it’s not a risky purchase. So that’s medical delivery trials sorted.

The recent Coventry – Rugby trial by Skyfarer, would work. Range rings at 8 and 16km.

It is big though, really big. Regulators around the world are going to have to decide fast who can fly it.

But if you have the cash and task you can buy it off the shelf with a degree of confidence that it will work.

If the FlyCart sells well we will soon see the FlyCart60 flying 30kg 60km, then the B to B market would explode.

We are living in deliciously interesting times, the Blue and Green UAS programs in America and China’s bits and bob export ban, and the entire industry is feeling a disturbance in the force.

Step forward operator training it is going to be needed.

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