DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone

Oh, it was a meh launch

This feels like DJI are feeling left out and maybe left behind. No doubt Flycart 30 will be streets ahead of many of the VC funding offerings out there. But it is missing the secret sauce at the moment, the logistics back end. That said box or crane, it is a clever idea. Perhaps the software to go with the box delivery is just around the corner.

My spider senses tell me it’s the crane utility that will be popular.

I also like the payload, 30kg sent 16km makes sense, it will cover so many use cases in the emergency or island delivery use case.

This machine blows most of the Chinese export restrictions coming on September 1st so it might be BRICS only.

The launch was low key, but this might be the real start of the scaling of delivery drones.

Some number from DJI:-

In container/cargo mode, the standard configuration is a general-sized EPP container with a maximum volume of 70 litres (internal dimensions are approximately: length 573mm, width 412mm, height 306mm).

It can be disassembled and assembled within 3 minutes to facilitate loading and unloading.

The cargo box supports weight and centre of gravity detection to ensure the cargo is loaded correctly and makes the flight safer and more stable. 

The crane system has a cable drop mode and supports automatic and manual control methods.

The maximum retractable weight is 40kg, the maximum release length is 20 metres, and the fastest retractable speed can reach 0.8 m/s.

It has an anti-sway function to eliminate the swing of the cargo.

The AR projection function helps users quickly select the delivery location of the goods, while goods can be automatically released when they touch the ground for precise delivery. 

Other key features include:

  • Heavy Load: 30kg maximum carrying weight (dual batteries); 40kg maximum carrying weight (single battery).
  • Long Distance: 28km maximum flight distance (no load, dual battery); 16km maximum flight distance (30kg load, dual battery). Maximum flight time of 18 minutes with double battery and 30kg load.
  • Fast Travel: Maximum flight speed of 20m/s; 15m/s cruising speed.
  • All-weather Operations: IP55 weather protection; -20°C to 45°C working environment temperature; 12m/s maximum wind-speed resistance.
  • Strong Signal: DJI FlyCart 30 is equipped with DJI O3 image transmission, and the image transmission distance can reach up to 20 km. Operators can also benefit from 4G enhanced image transmission.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Multi-directional, all-weather, all-time intelligent obstacle avoidance during flight; dual radar; built-in ADS-B signal receiver; built-in parachute; flight redundancy.
  • DJI Transport: One-stop airborne cloud platform. Efficiently plan equipment tasks, fully control operation dynamics, centrally manage team resources, and statistically analyse multi-dimensional data.

DJI FlyCart 30: Key Specifications

The table below provides an overview of some of the key specifications of the DJI FlyCart 30.

Empty weight42.5kg (without batteries)
65kg (with dual batteries)
Maximum take-off weight95 kg (standard cargo box, near sea level)
Dimensions (arms extended, propellers extended)Length 2800 mm, width 3085 mm, height 947 mm
Maximum flight distance (no load)Dual battery: 28km
Single battery: 12km
Maximum flight distance (full load)Double battery (30kg load): 16km
Single battery (40kg load): 8km
Maximum flight time (full load)Double battery (load 30kg): 18 minutes
Single battery (load 40kg): 9 minutes
Operating temperature-20°C to 45°C
IP RatingIP55
Maximum horizontal flight speed20 m/s (with a load of 30kg)
Maximum flight altitude6000 metres (without load)
Maximum wind speed12 m/s (with a load of 30kg)
Image Transmission20 km (FCC)
8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
4G4G Convergence Function: Yes, DJI enhanced image transmission module.
4G Dongle Models: DJI Enhanced Video Transmission Module

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