XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone Launches in Vietnam: Bigger, Foldable and Cost Saving

XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone Launches in Vietnam: Bigger, Foldable and Cost Saving

P100 Pro, the latest generation of XAG Agricultural Drone, has been released in Dong Thap province of Vietnam, taking efficiency and agility on farms to higher levels. This product provides Vietnamese farmers with a fully autonomous, easy-to-operate solution with a large payload of 50 kilograms. As a proven way to lower production costs and mitigate climate risks, XAG P100 Pro is expected to be a widely used tool in Vietnam.

The launch also established Dong Thap Digital Agricultural Cooperative, which aims to promote the application of drone technology in rural areas. From organizing drone training courses to providing farmers with easy access to innovations, these actions will upgrade the digital skills of rural youth and create more jobs, such as drone operators and engineers, with decent income.

Vietnam is the world’s major agricultural exporter of rice, banana and durian, while it has also been faced with a shrinking agricultural population. Despite a strong global demand for Vietnam’s food export, a growing number of workers have moved to the manufacturing and service industries. The agri-tech company XAG sees this as an opportunity to fulfill its mission of advancing agriculture.

The XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone is an electric unmanned aerial system, designed for precise seeding, crop spraying, fertilizer spreading and field mapping. It combines a flying platform and different payload systems to achieve multiple functions. This technology is not a new concept but an upgraded version of its predecessor P100, which has helped local farmers ease the burden and grow more with less.

Adopting the foldable quadcopter structure, XAG P100 Pro reduces its folded volume by 62%. Therefore, the drone can be easy to transport on the way by a minivan and even a motorcycle. Equipped with the XAG RevoSpray 3 system and a 50-liter smart liquid tank, it can spray at a maximum flow rate of 22 liters per minute. Its crop protection efficiency reaches up to 19 hectares per hour for open fields and 2 hectares per hour for orchards.

As for seeding and fertilizer spreading, P100 Pro excels with the RevoCast 3 system and an 80-liter container. It can spread 50 kilograms of fertilizer in just 20 seconds, amounting to ten thousand kilograms per day. The drone broadcasts vertically from the air and against the wind, so that seeds or fertilizers are distributed accurately and evenly across the fields for a fruitful harvest. Adding convenience, the XAG One App further simplifies farmwork by allowing fully autonomous operation on a smartphone.

XAG Mekong, as the authorized distributor of XAG products in Vietnam, offers sales, training, and after-sales support on digital agriculture technology. Through local collaboration, XAG P100 Agricultural Drone has been widely applied across the Mekong River Delta, covering rice, banana, and durian plantations.

A 28-year-old farmer in Dong Thap province, managing a 30-hectare rice farm, invested in XAG P100 to save costs and gain more income. Within mere four hours, the drone efficiently sprayed the entire farm to prevent pests and diseases, a task that would normally take 5 days for manual labor to finish. It is recorded that a 30% reduction in chemicals had been achieved.

The demand for agricultural drones in Vietnam continues to grow. A banana plantation owner from Dong Nai province, also witnessed cost and resource savings. Previously, two workers could only cover 1 hectare of land in a day through hand spraying. With the adoption of XAG P100, a small team of operators can now spray 30 hectares within two days, in addition to reducing water use by 80%.

Following the launch, some farmers had the chance to experience XAG P100 Pro and shared their impressions. Nguyen Thanh Tung, a farmer in Dong Thap, who has been utilizing the agricultural drone for three years across his 5-hectare farm, observed the new product in action. “The drone carried 50 liters of pesticides and sprayed with impressive speed, operating so evenly.”

The launch of XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone caters to the market demand for a more efficient yet flexible farming tool. As the adoption of drones becomes widespread in rural Vietnam, it opens up greater access to diverse career opportunities for the next generation of farmers.

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