VOXL 2 Starling Indoor and Outdoor SLAM & Autonomy Development Drone

Our smallest, smartest, and safest development drone yet! Powered by VOXL 2!

Product Specifications

Best-in-class Compute and Flight Time

  • 275g weight
  • 210mm airframe
  • 120mm folding propellers
  • 30+ minutes flight time

Powered by VOXL 2

  • VOXL 2 is powered by Qualcomm QRB5165: 8 cores up to 3.091GHz, 8GB LPDDR5 
  • Abundance of perception capabilities including seven MIPI image sensor inputs which can include up to three stereo image sensor pairs, 4K30, PMD ToF
  • Integrated flight controller on DSP with TDK ICM-42688 IMU and ICP-10111 Barometer
  • VOXL 4-in-1 ESC v2

Software Features

  • Advanced Autonomy
    • Visual Inertial Odometry to navigate in GPS denied environments
    • Visual Obstacle Avoidance to fly safely in tight spaces
    • 3D Mapping and Path Planning to fly hands-off in dynamic environments
    • TFLite Neural Networks run object classification, detection, and other models
    • Open-source software: OpenCV, ROS 1& 2, Docker, PX4 integrated flight controller
    • VOXL SDK
  • Built-in Connectivity
    • Wi-fi
    • ELRS (Express LRS) R/C

Technical Specifications

Product Brief


What’s Included

SKU DescriptionPrice
MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K0Drone Only$2,949.99
MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K1Drone and Battery$2,999.99
MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K2Drone with Battery and Controller$3,299.99
MRB-D0005-4-V2-C6-M22-K2Drone with Case, 2 batteries and Controller$3,899.99

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