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How to spoof Remote ID – SQUIDRID

I now know of three ways to transmit Remote ID information, for training and evaluation purposes only of course.

In their own words:-

SquidRID is an experimental tool to test and control most of aspects of the FAA RemtoeID protocol. It comes in two parts: Configurator and Firmware. Many options of the protocol are exposed and can be freely configured.

The configurator is accessible at https://squidrid.flyandi.net but requires Google Chrome.

SquidRID run’s on most ESP32 boards and requires the Arduino IDE to upload the firmware.

Find it on GitHub here https://github.com/flyandi/squidrid

I first saw this on Botgrinders channel last night and have several Bluetooth ESP32s lying around why not. It just proves how useless ASTM F3411-22a was.

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