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Event 38 Releases E400 Variant ISR Drone

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Inc, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, has announced the release of a new variant of its flagship product, the E400 ISR.

The E400 ISR drone is designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions and is designed for applications such as search and rescue, law enforcement, and military operations. The new variant of the E400 ISR comes with several enhanced features that make it an even more versatile tool for professionals in various fields.

One of the most notable features of the new E400 ISR is its extended flight time of up to 2.5 hours. This longer battery life allows for more extended surveillance operations, giving operators a greater range and flexibility when gathering intelligence and conducting reconnaissance missions.

The E400 ISR drone is also equipped with a 40x zoom EO/IR camera that captures high-resolution images and videos. The camera’s impressive zoom capabilities allow for more detailed imaging of targets and greater accuracy when tracking moving objects.

In addition, the E400 ISR boasts an impressive range of up to 10 miles, giving operators the ability to cover a larger area and gather data from greater distances.

“Event 38 Unmanned Systems is dedicated to providing professionals with the most advanced and reliable unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Jeff Taylor, CEO of Event 38 Unmanned Systems.

“The new variant of the E400 ISR drone represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and delivering cutting-edge technology to our customers.”

The new E400 ISR variant is now available for purchase on the Event 38 Unmanned Systems website and through authorized dealers. For more information, please visit www.Event38.com

About Event 38 Unmanned Systems:

Event 38 designs and manufactures fixed-wing VTOL drones in Richfield, Ohio. Since 2011, we’ve sold over 600 drones to people and organizations all around the globe. Our drones capture geo-tagged data for a range of industries and applications. Event 38 drones can be customized for high-resolution aerial photogrammetry, thermal and multispectral imagery, LiDAR, and live video streaming.

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