DronePort Rotterdam

DronePort Rotterdam

Introducing #DronePortRotterdam, the pioneering Open Access Innovative Air Mobility Hub in Europe proudly presented by the Port of Rotterdam and INSPIR8ION.

Our focus is on seamlessly integrating Air Traffic Management (ATM), Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), and Urban Planning and Development for the successful implementation of Integrated Air Mobility (IAM). This unprecedented connection between ATM, UTM, and Urban Planning and Development has never been designed before in an area where a port, airport, and city converge.

That’s why the Port of Rotterdam and INSPIR8ION, with the valued support of partners like Schiphol (Rotterdam The Hague Airport), Nederlands Lucht- en Ruimtevaartcentrum, Antea Group Nederland, and more, are dedicated to establishing the first Dutch and European environment that facilitates this crucial integration.

To kickstart our journey, we will focus on the following use cases:

1. Bridging the Open Urban Platform of the Gemeente Rotterdam with the U-Space/UTM of the Port of Rotterdam.

2. Implementing Autonomous Asset Integrity Management for safe and reliable operations.

3. Connecting the port, city, airport, and North Sea corridor for efficient and seamless transportation.

4. Developing a robust Connectivity and Identity of Things Scheme for IAM, ensuring secure operations.

5. Prioritising IAM education and nurturing the Workforce of the Future to meet evolving industry demands.

6. Addressing Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Counter UAS) challenges in urban environments.

7. Collaborating on alternative energy sources, including hydrogen, to power drones sustainably.

8. Designing optimal landing sites, from drone pads to vertiports, in urban environments.

At DronePort Rotterdam, we bring together local, regional, national, and international organisations. Our Quadruple Helix approach connects the public and private sectors, knowledge institutions, and society for collective progress.

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