Archer First Response Systems and Drone Rescue Systems Completes F3322-22 ASTM Certification using Drone Rescue System’s DRS-25 Parachute Recovery System on Freefly’s Alta X

Archer First Response Systems and Drone Rescue Systems Completes F3322-22 ASTM Certification using Drone Rescue System’s DRS-25 Parachute Recovery System on Freefly’s Alta X

Archer First Response Systems is proud to announce that they are the first company to successfully complete the latest F3322-22 ASTM Standard for the certification of Parachute Recovery systems on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). On June 23rd, in collaboration with the Northern Plains UAS Test team, Drone Rescue Systems, and Freefly Systems, Archer First Response Systems successfully completed the last of 45 flight scenarios and has subsequently certified the Drone Rescue System’s DRS-Alta X parachute recovery system for Freefly’s Alta X.

This is a major milestone as Archer First Response Systems prepares to launch its Emergency First Response Drone Deployment Operations, initially in the State of Florida. Archer First Response Systems helps EMS agencies transport life-saving medical devices to the most time-sensitive and life-threatening emergencies, namely Automated External Defibrillators for Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Naloxone Nasal spray for opioid overdoses. The completion of the F3322-22 ASTM Certification will help ensure safe operations and decrease the overall ground risk of ArcherFRS’ life saving operations.

Earlier this year, Archer First Response Systems integrated its sUAS Deployment Infrastructure
into RapidSOS, an intelligent safety platform used by 911 agencies nationwide.  This integration allows
for turn-key operations by 911 agencies, facilitating emergency drone deployment by 911 dispatchers
with minimal or no change to existing dispatch workflows. Archer First Response Systems has remained
committed to creating the necessary infrastructure to ensure 911 agencies can take full advantage of the
unique utilities provided by drones and this integration along with the successful completion of the
F3322-22 ASTM certification are critical milestones towards that commitment.

“The Drone Rescue System’s team is as excellent as their products are” stated Gordon Folkes, Archer
First Response System’s Founder and CEO, “Given the reliability and efficacy of the DRS-25 Parachute
Recovery System, we were confident we would successfully achieve certification, but without the
commitment and support of the Drone Rescue Systems team it would have been a substantially more
challenging feat”. When asked about the Alta X, Folkes further commented stating “We made the
transition from DJI products back in 2019 and selected the Freefly Systems Alta X as our aircraft of
choice. Given Freefly’s long standing history of building excellent hardware, the impactful lineage of
aircraft that the Alta X was born out of, its implementation of the open PX4 flight stack, and the
innovative and forward-thinking minds at Freefly, it was really a no-brainer”.

“The Freefly Alta X has been safely flown over 10,000 miles beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS). With
the addition of the ASTM certified Drone Rescue Systems DRS-25 parachute, our partners at Archer First
Response Systems are poised to deliver critical lifesaving solutions to those in need, globally, said Matt
Isenbarger, CRO at Freefly Systems.”

Drone Rescue Systems (DRS) is the world’s leading drone parachute company, has extensive experience
successfully completing ASTM certification, and is trusted by a wide variety of drone manufacturers and
service providers globally. The successful completion of the ASTM-F3322-22 is another milestone
toward their ambitious goal of protecting people and property from severe damage and enabling safe
commercial drone operations.

“ArcherFRS and Freefly Systems are the perfect partners for such an amazing project and we thank them for their high-quality approach and for their trust in our solutions. We strive to make the drone industry safer and to provide our clients with unparalleled parachute solutions.

Our highly reliable, autonomous, and lightweight approach supports our clients so that they can focus on
their missions with peace-of-mind” stated Andreas Ploier, CEO at Drone Rescue Systems.”

Archer First Response Systems will begin operations in Florida with plans to support EMS, Fire, and Law
Enforcement agencies with advanced sUAS operations across the United States and beyond. Given their
the underlying infrastructure, wide-scale 911 integrations, and now their successful completion of the F3322-
22 ASTM certification, their course is set to make a dramatic impact on 911 drone operations and the
outcomes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Overdose, and other life-threatening emergencies.
The ASTM-certified parachute solutions will be available directly at Drone Rescue Systems and through
their strategic partners.

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