SKYOPS and Airwayz form a strategic partnership to capitalize on European regulatory changes

SKYOPS and Airwayz form a strategic partnership to capitalize on European regulatory changes

SKYOPS and Airwayz are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining SKYOPS’ innovative fleet management and flight operations solution with Airwayz’ leading Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) services.  SKYOPS recognizes the importance of seamless integration of UTM within its aviation software solutions. This collaboration enables SKYOPS to enhance its platform’s capabilities by leveraging Airwayz’ expertise in UTM. Together, they are committed to advancing the integration of UTM services, ensuring the safe and efficient management of unmanned aircraft operations.

Incorporating Airwayz’ UTM services into SKYOPS enables clients to effectively manage and control unmanned aircraft operations while ensuring safety and compliance. The integration of UTM within SKYOPS empowers users with features such as automated flight authorization and conflict resolution. This seamless integration enhances the efficiency and safety of UAS operations, allowing clients to leverage the full potential of drone fleets across diverse industries.

“This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies to enhance the integration of UTM capabilities within SKYOPS’ aviation software solutions,” said Ingmar van Leth, founder and CEO of SKYOPS. “By leveraging Airwayz’ cutting-edge UTM services, we further strengthen our platform’s ability to facilitate safe and efficient unmanned aircraft operations. This partnership enables SKYOPS to offer clients advanced features such as enhanced airspace management, optimized flight planning, and seamless integration with UTM infrastructure. Together, SKYOPS and Airwayz are at the forefront of driving innovation and promoting the safe integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the European airspace.”

Airwayz has established itself as a trusted authority in the field, selected as a partner to build a U-Space Airspace prototype at the Port of Rotterdam industrial complex, and working with the Israel National Drone Initiative (INDI), to connect U-Spaces – or very low airspace – across cities.

“We’re delighted to announce that an important Dutch software provider, SKYOPS, has joined the Port of Rotterdam’s U-Space prototype. Their state-of-the-art flight management solutions are fundamental for ensuring safe and efficient drone flights. Moreover, they are crucial to the success of U-Space as a reality. It appears that SKYOPS may well be one of the first to successfully integrate sophisticated drone flights with Airwayz UTM system – the equally sophisticated system,” says Oscar van Veen, Manager Innovation, Port of Rotterdam.

Delivering dynamic and innovative UTM/USSP solutions, Airwayz ensures the safe and efficient management of unmanned aircraft operations. Through its intelligent software, Airwayz offers a fully autonomous system for drone management in rapidly changing urban and industrial environments, enabling airspace managers to manage a higher volume of drones efficiently and potentially critical events more effectively in real-time operations.

Eyal Zor, Airwayz CEO commented: “As we join forces with SKYOPS, we seize the opportunity to capitalize on European regulatory changes. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone, together, Airwayz and SKYOPS are pioneering innovation and driving the use of commercial U-Spaces forward, paving the way for scalable multi-fleet drone operations.”