Sentera’s Pitot Tube Awarded Patent

Sentera’s Pitot Tube Awarded Patent

Sentera, the industry-leading provider of ag analytics, today announced that it has been awarded a patent for its innovative pitot tube assembly, which is used on its fixed-wing drone, the PHX.

Pitot tubes are common within the aviation industry, including unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs). The rigid design of many of these do not lend well to the role of UAVs, particularly within agriculture where missions take place in fields. Landings may take place in areas that damage traditional pitot tubes, due to their placement and rigidity.

“In designing our pitot tube, we focused on creating an assembly that brings a flexible design together with durability and usability,” said Matt Skelton, aerospace engineer, Sentera. “Our patented pitot tube technology was designed with our customer in mind – ensuring that the design doesn’t impede airspeed measurements while making it easy to calibrate, replace, and repair so not to constrain our pilots during their busiest times of the year.”

While it can be used for any UAV, Sentera’s pitot tube was designed for the PHX. As the leading fixed-wing drone on the market for agricultural mapping and imaging applications, the PHX can capture acreage three times faster than multirotor drones. In doing so, it empowers users to scout full fields with complete visibility across acreage. And, when paired with Sentera’s Double 4K, generate insights like Stand Count, Crop Health, and Tassel Count.

“We’re excited to continue to drive innovation ahead for the UAV agricultural market,” said Skelton. “Because of the unique challenges that pilots in our industry face, we are committed to continuing to extend the usability of the PHX to help our customers maximize every season.”

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