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Dronanamics Black Swan first flight recap

Exactly a week ago, Dronamics made history when the full-scale Black Swan, our one-of-a-kind cargo drone, successfully completed its first flight. It’s taken nearly nine years from napkin design to proof of concept, paving the way for the future of cargo deliveries. This remarkable milestone marks the dawn of a new era in logistics.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and followed us throughout this remarkable journey.

How it started: A tale of two brothers, a block of cheese and a vision to do things differently 

It’s undeniable that aviation and brotherhood have something in common. 240 years ago the Montgolfier brothers pioneered hot air ballooning and 120 years ago the Wright brothers proved aviation can work. The story of Dronamics also starts with two brothers, with remarkable vision and drive. 

Konstantin and Svilen Rangelov, the sibling co-Founders of Dronamics, embarked on their groundbreaking journey almost by chance. Konstantin, who was studying aerospace engineering in the Netherlands, kept asking Svilen to bring him his favourite cheese from back home as shipping it by air was too expensive and by road, too slow. This sparked a conversation between the two brothers that would ultimately lead to their light bulb moment.

Svilen, with his entrepreneurial spirit and an economist’s perspective, challenged Konstantin to find a solution himself. How could goods, whether it be a piece of cheese, a crucial piece of equipment or medicines be swiftly transported across continents in the most optimal way?

Nowadays, Dronamics spans a multinational team of over 150 individuals from 12 different nationalities with backgrounds in aviation, aerospace, logistics, tech, and supply chains. Together, we have achieved another first in aviation, and most importantly, demonstrated what the future of deliveries could look like. 

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