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COPTRZ and InnoFlight International reach new heights with an exclusive partnership

The UK’s leading provider of commercial drone solutions, Coptrz has announced an exclusive partnership with InnoFlight International – an Australian manufacturer of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The partnership, which will be worth up to £500,000 per annum, will see Leeds-based Coptrz become the exclusive distributor of InnoFlight’s UAVs in the UK and Europe.

Coptrz will initially sell three of InnoFlight’s products, with its marketing focused mainly on the surveying market.

Ranging in price from £30,000 to £100,000, the three UAVs are InnoFlight’s Scanlift Orbit 3 – a model designed for endurance flying; the Galaxy Single Rotor, which is optimised for surveying purposes; and the Scanlift M Series, tailored for medium to heavy lifting tasks.

Stephen Greig, director of InnoFlight International, said: “The UK and Europe is a huge target market for us and so partnering with one of the UK industry leaders is a fantastic step forward for InnoFlight. Coptrz reputation is enormous, and the exclusive partnership with them really is the perfect pathway for us to turn geographical market potential into significant sales success.”

Founded in 2019, Queensland-based InnoFlight is a cutting-edge manufacturer of commercial UAVs. Leveraging state-of-the-art autopilot systems, servos and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, it delivers some of the most advanced commercial surveying drones currently available.

Paul Luen, CEO and founder of Coptrz, which has grown from 2016 start-up to a £27million turnover business, added: “Our rapid growth has been based upon striking the right partnerships with the right manufacturers at the right time. InnoFlight is at the cutting edge of the market when it comes to UAVs for surveying and construction and these sectors in the UK and Europe offer enormous growth potential that we strongly believe this new partnership can capitalise on.”

Leeds-based Coptrz sells over 150 different product types from manufacturers around the world, many of which they are the exclusive UK supplier of. In addition, its Coptrz Academy currently delivers a suite of 80 training courses, ranging from general commercial drone operator training to specialist work such as wind turbine inspection.

For further information on Coptrz visit www.coptrz.com

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