Veteran Ventures Invests with Vantage Robotics

Veteran Ventures Invests with Vantage Robotics

Veteran Ventures Capital’s (“Veteran Ventures”) Veteran Fund I is proud to announce an investment in Vantage Robotics (“Vantage”). With their advanced drone and enabling technologies, Vantage Robotics is revolutionizing the way the military and national security agencies collect and analyze critical data in field.

Veteran Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner, Derren Burrell, stated, “Veteran Ventures is thrilled to partner with Vantage Robotics, a leading dual-use unmanned aircraft system (UAS) company in the United States. With increasing demand for drone-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), Vantage is ideally positioned to continue expanding their portfolio of technologies to government and commercial customers.”

Vantage has been awarded over $20 million in research and development (R&D) contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense, including the Defense Innovation Unit, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Air Force. Vantage has also been selected by the U.S. Army to develop the next-generation nano drone, competing for the $100M Soldier Borne Sensor production contract. Vantage’s nano drone offers a palm-sized unmanned aerial system and situational awareness tool, providing soldiers an organic “quick look” capability for near-time video feeds of larger, complex, and restrictive environments during day, night, and reduced visibility conditions. This capability is intended to be deployed at the level of the Army’s 7,000 squads. Other national security agencies have expressed early interest in this innovative platform as well.

Vantage’s executive and management teams combine a powerful pedigree of successful founders in hardware and software technologies and experienced veteran leadership in government sales. Collectively, the Vantage executive team has overseen the stand-up of 14 successful companies, filed over 100 patents, and designed and developed over 61 products. Vantage leverages this expertise and experience towards rapidly growing the business, identifying opportunities for innovation and differentiation, and a relentless focus on user-centric design.

Veteran Ventures is excited to join Refinery Ventures and Silicon Valley investors with this investment.

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Vantage Robotics designs, builds, and sells UAVs and enabling technology that support national security, aid public safety, and maintain critical infrastructure. For more information, please visit: