The new “basic solution” device for aeromodellers launches with a starting price of $49. Dronetag BS proves Remote ID is NO BUL***IT.

The new “basic solution” device for aeromodellers launches with a starting price of $49. Dronetag BS proves Remote ID is NO BUL***IT.

Dronetag, a leader in drone Remote ID technology, announces the launch of its groundbreaking drone device for Remote Identification. It is the most affordable device for all aeromodellers, FPV pilots and hobbyists to comply with new FAA standards. It comes with a poetic name, “Dronetag BS,” which stands for Basic Solution, but it also refers to what hobby pilots most often call the new Remote ID

Dronetag BS offers cutting-edge technology accompanied by a full-scale mobile app for an introductory price of $49 that applies only on May 22, 2023. The device can be preordered online during the limited 24-hour window at We also enable e-mail registration for our watchdog to notify customers when the special price is on.

The number of hobby and FPV pilots in the US is steadily growing, attacking the 300,000 mark according to AMA; however, only very few of them own aircraft that comply with the FAA’s Remote ID policy coming into effect on September 16, 2023.

As these pilots most often call Remote ID policy “bul***it,” Dronetag, which specializes in devices for professional pilots, unmanned air traffic integrators and drone manufacturers, now launches the most affordable solution, or Basic Solution, to help amateur pilots easily upgrade their drones to fly in compliance with new FAA rules. Dronetag BS is a compact, user-friendly device that anyone can easily install in any drone to eliminate the stress of changing regulatory environment.

The device weighing only 0.105 oz with antennas, is designed to meet the basic Remote ID requirements following the latest aviation regulations by FAA. Dronetag BS provides real-time tracking and identification, ensuring drone enthusiasts can enjoy their hobby safely and responsibly without fearing breaking any rules. Plus, they get subscription-free access to a Dronetag multi-platform mobile app that allows them to check the airspace zones, plan flights, browse real-time flight data, inspect other airborne drones and stay notified about any hazards around them.

“Dronetag’s mission is to make drone flying accessible, safe, and enjoyable for everyone, and our device Dronetag BS is a major leap forward in that direction,” said Lukas Brchl, CEO of Dronetag. “We are confident that this product will prove to be a game-changer in the industry, making it easier than ever for aeromodellers and FPV pilots to comply with regulations while enjoying their favorite hobby. Maybe the honest name of this device will even make their day; who knows.”

Customers can get the new device on May 22, 2023, for a one-time price of $49 if they preorder it at on that day. The official retail price will then start at $89.

The Dronetag BS launch will happen during the Xponential 2023 conference in
Colorado, US (May 9-11, 2023).
Key Features of Dronetag BS
● Easy installation and compatibility with various aircraft hardware setups
● Real-time tracking and Remote ID compliant with the FAA rule
● Powered from the existing aircraft or a small LiPo battery (up to 17V input)
● Configuration and firmware updates via Dronetag App
● Can be used as GNSS input to Betaflight controller*
● Can be used as a telemetry module for popular RC radios*
● Flight information logging to flash memory for easy visualization in Dronetag App,
Google Earth, or similar*
● Just 0.105 oz weight, including Bluetooth and GNSS antenna
● Size 0.66 x 0.55 x 0.19 in

  • Functions that will be introduced later via firmware update.

    About Dronetag:
    Dronetag is a manufacturer of remote identification devices for drone pilots and manufacturers. Its add-on transmitters enrich existing drones with a Remote ID capability, while modules are used by manufacturers who built them directly into their drones’ internal circuits. Dronetag devices transmit identification and location data to other airspace participants via Dronetag App, which offers advanced fleet management tools to professional pilots. The company’s vision of safer airspace relies on innovative unmanned traffic management and digitally visible drones.