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High Lander Becomes Member of Global UTM Association

Israeli provider of uncrewed traffic management technology joins a community of leading aviation companies and regulators and will participate in shaping global technology standards and policy decisions.

Lausanne, Switzerland – the Global Uncrewed Traffic Management Association (GUTMA) has announced the addition of High Lander, an Israeli drone fleet management and uncrewed traffic management (UTM) software provider, as a member of its organization.

As a member of GUTMA, High Lander will participate in working groups and other activities, taking on a significant role in the development of global UTM standards and the U-space in Europe and beyond.

GUTMA was established in 2016 to promote the development of an ecosystem of drone services that operate in tandem with legacy aviation and provide real value to society. To this end, it works towards establishing a global standard of UTM services and building a U-space in which ATM and UTM services work harmoniously. The association’s activities include setting up working groups, organizing industry events, and publishing whitepapers and UTM standards reports, and its recommendations have formed the basis of the European Commission’s drone strategy.

High Lander’s proprietary UTM solution, Universal UTM, is a drone-agnostic, automated platform that monitors all airborne activity over territories of any size in real-time. It autonomously approves, denies, and suggests alternative flight plans as needed, providing complete airspace coverage for businesses and government authorities. Users of Universal UTM span the globe, with clients including the Israeli national police force and Speedbird Aero, the biggest drone delivery company in Brazil.

In joining GUTMA, High Lander joins a select group of full members, including Airbus, Boeing, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration, Israel Aerospace Industries and Switzerland’s Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FACO). FACO was one of the founding organizations of GUTMA, and its Director of Aviation Policy and Strategy, Marcel Kägi, sits on GUTMA’s board of directors.

“We are honoured to receive membership of GUTMA. Our values align exactly with this organization and our membership strengthens our position as a pioneer in scalable UTM technology,” said Alon Abelson, CEO and co-founder of High Lander. “We look forward to participating in the shaping of policy decisions and international UTM standards in the years to come.”


GUTMA represents organizations involved in innovative drone services and smart mobility solutions enabled by services that keep drone operations at all altitudes safe and efficient. It engages in impactful research and development and in technical, regulatory, and political processes to foster a global ecosystem in a fair global drone services market.

About High Lander

High Lander was established in 2018 by aviation and technology experts with a dream: a fully integrated sky where crewed and uncrewed aircraft operate in harmony. They are achieving this with two scalable, drone agnostic software solutions. The first is Mission Control, a platform for managing and automating drone missions for any purpose, including public safety, deliveries, security, agriculture, and more. The second is Universal UTM, a next-generation automated uncrewed traffic management platform that oversees all airborne activity over any airspace, supplying the infrastructure we need to support the new era of consolidated aviation.

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