Easy Aerial Tern

We are happy to announce the unveiling of Easy Aerial’s latest innovation, the Tern VTOL-in-a-Box. The first ever VTOL-in-a-Box, Tern offers a unique design with foldable wings and tail which enables this medium-range VTOL to be stored safely inside a small tactical ground station that fits many types of vehicles.

After take-off, the Tern reliably performs a wide range of missions from ISR, border security patrols, linear inspections, agricultural mapping, and more. It will then autonomously return to its ground station, and perform precision landing and automatic recharging.

Paired with the Tern, the EGV-90 box simplifies deployment like never before. Serving as a fully self-contained mobile ground control station, it streamlines setup and operation in any location, ensuring swift and hassle-free missions.

Additionally, the Tern VTOL-in-a-Box offers extended flight endurance, covering larger areas in a single mission. With its compact and rugged design, the EGV-90 box ensures exceptional portability, enabling easy transportation of the Tern VTOL-in-a-Box to any location, from remote terrains to urban environments.

Experience the future of UAS operations as Easy Aerial goes above and beyond with the Tern!