DroneUp and Wonder Robotics Collaborate on Precision Technology to Enhance DroneUp’s Delivery Operation

DroneUp, a leading autonomous drone delivery provider, and Wonder Robotics, an Israeli startup for autonomous solutions for drones and eVTOLs, completed a successful initial operational evaluation on DroneUp’s drone platform to achieve a higher level of autonomy and safety. Wonder Robotics’s autonomy technology will allow DroneUp to continue growing operations while maintaining its commitment to safety.

For the evaluation, Wonder Robotics’ proprietary“WonderLand” solution was installed on DroneUp drones, enabling smart precision autonomous landing, accurate winch delivery, and an advanced contingency plan. In addition to the improvements to precision, the WonderLand technology will allow a single flight engineer to safely and autonomously oversee multiple drone deliveries simultaneously, a crucial aspect to scaling DroneUp’s operation.

“Our technology is a BVLOS scale operation enabler for scalable drone services allowing the service provider or mission manager to safely operate multiple drones per site,” said Idan Shimon, co-founder, and CEO of Wonder Robotics. “Wonder Robotics’ goal is to provide a reliable technology that will make drone services safe and economical and to help with future regulatory rules for scalable, safe drone delivery.”

Wonder Robotics’ WonderLand technology includes vertical awareness (Vertical Detect And Avoid) and robust precision landing, allowing drones to operate in scale while beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) from an operator or visual observer. In urban environments, this includes obstacle avoidance systems so drones can navigate around common settings such as trees, buildings, cables, and more to safely deliver packages quickly.

“Commitment to safe operation is our top priority, and exploring cutting-edge technology like Wonderland is so important to stay on that course,” said John Vernon, CTO of DroneUp. “Not only does implementing this into our tech stack improve individual deliveries, but it also gives us a clearer path towards scaling our operation as drone delivery becomes more and more popular every year.”
DroneUp will be validating Wonder Robotics’ technology in several areas through more operational flight tests. 

About DroneUp

DroneUp is a drone flight services provider with drone delivery and drone technology solutions
focused on the future of drone services, providing intelligent access to airspace, automation
innovation, streamlined process management, operational efficiency, and a commitment to

For more information: https://www.droneup.com

About Wonder Robotics

Wonder Robotics is dedicated to facilitating the commercial use of drones at scale by enabling
safe and autonomous flights. Its first product, WonderLand, allows vertical take-off and landing
(VTOL) drones to land safely and autonomously on any unprepared and unattended site. Based
in Israel with offices in the US, the company was founded by worldwide experts in drone,
robotics, navigation, and 3D visual applications in the commercial and military markets.

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