Delivery Drones Featured

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation and Apian want to hear from you

Our drones have now flown 165 flights for a total distance of more than 7,600km – that’s 7.6 times the length of the UK!

Sir James Mackey, chief executive of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “As an innovative and forward-looking organisation, we are always interested to explore initiatives which may be able to improve how we deliver care to our communities.

“With the area we cover and the number of hospitals and other sites we manage, having effective logistics to get supplies where they need to be is vital, while we are always mindful of our need to drive efficiencies and reduce our impact on the environment.

“Using drones has the potential to help us deliver important drugs and supplies in a better, smarter way, so we are looking forward to seeing how the test flights go. We are committed to providing as much care as we can in our outlying communities, so logistical routes to Alnwick and Berwick are a key focus.”

Anyone interested is welcome to share their views on the project and using drones to deliver key medical supplies.

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