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Volarious integrates Mesh Network in the sky for large area coverage

During disasters in urban areas where local communication infrastructure has been destroyed. With many buildings, it can be difficult for search and rescue to communicate with each other over traditional radio or cellular networks. The signals can be blocked or weakened by the buildings, leading to unreliable communication. With Ace6 Quick Deploy Lite mMESH attached to drones, it creates a wireless mesh network in the air.

Due to the elevated mesh, the search and rescue team now could communicate better with wireless
networks that can extend over a larger area and can transmit signals over obstacles like buildings. Drones come up with battery life limitations. With the Volarious V-Line Pro, the search and rescue teams wouldn’t have to worry about any downtime due to the unlimited power the tethered system supplies to the drone. Providing the officers with constant and reliable communication. A static tethered mesh node can be used to eliminate blind spots between the operator and a drone flying faraway. This enables BVLOS operation of drone or drone swarms.

For example, if a police department deploys several drones equipped with mesh networking equipment, the drones can act as nodes in a mesh network and provide a communications link between officers on the ground. The mesh network can relay messages and data between the drones and ground-based nodes, creating a robust and flexible communications network that can adapt to changing conditions. Ace6 mesh networking on drones equipped with V-Line Pro tethered systems can help to improve police communication in urban areas by providing a reliable and flexible network that can overcome the challenges posed by buildings and other obstacles.

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