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SkyeBrowse introduces Midnight Sun for tactical missions

SkyeBrowse, the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform, has launched Midnight Sun, a new tactical tool that helps identify unknown objects or people in the path of a drone’s flight.

“As we continue to develop SkyeBrowse for first responders and armed forces, we have found that what they need most is real-time, actionable intelligence during tactical missions,” said SkyeBrowse Co-founder and CEO Bobby Ouyang. “Modeled after the heartbeat sensor and Advanced UAV in Call of Duty, Midnight Sun helps tactical teams quickly identify unknown objects in a particular area, assess their threat level and make informed decisions.”

The new tool adds to SkyeBrowse’s proprietary technology, which uses videogrammetry to create 3D models from drone video. Using Midnight Sun while flying a drone mission, the supervised machine learning algorithm identifies unknown objects within the flight path, sends data from the drone video to the cloud system, and labels them on a 2D map or 3D model. Incident commanders and operators can view the 2D map or 3D model in real-time from a web browser or mobile phone, giving them enhanced situational awareness.

Law enforcement can use this tool for a number of situations when they need actionable intelligence, including assessing a disaster scene, searching for missing persons, conducting tactical operations, tracking a criminal suspect or monitoring large-scale events. It is compatible with any type of drone.

For full situational awareness, incident commanders can use Midnight Sun in tandem with recently launched TacBrowse, which can track tactical team members within a 3D model in real time when they sign into a mission on the TacBrowse mobile app.

Visit skyebrowse.com/midnight-sun for more information.

About SkyeBrowse:

SkyeBrowse is the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform in the world. Designed by first responders for first responders, SkyeBrowse allows anyone to make a 3D model at the press of a button. With over 10,000 accidents documented on their CJIS-compliant servers, the Texas-based company is trusted by agencies such as the Los Angeles Port Police, Houston Forensics Science Center, the New York City Fire Department and many more. Learn more at www.skyebrowse.com.

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