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Nadia Nilsen appointed as the Group CEO of LightWare

We are delighted to announce that Nadia Nilsen has been appointed as the Group CEO of LightWare LiDAR. This appointment marks the successful conclusion of a long-term succession plan from co-founder James Portman, and poises the management team for further strategic global growth. 

Nadia has been in the position of Interim CEO since August 2022 and her permanent appointment was confirmed at a board meeting on the 28th of February 2023. She has been with LightWare as a co-founder since 2015, joining James Portman, whom she had worked with before at his company Laser Measurement, which was acquired by ABB in 2010. 

“Nadia has been part of LightWare since the earliest days of the company. In her former roles as Chief Financial Officer and as Chief Operations Officer she demonstrated exceptional skills that helped lay a stable foundation for our rapidly growing company,” says Portman, now Chief Technical Officer for the group, based in the UK subsidiary. 

“For me personally, having such an experienced and execution-focussed leader in charge of the business that I spent so many years building, finally gives me the freedom to concentrate my efforts on the design and development of the ground-breaking products that have become the LightWare brand,” continues Portman. 

Nadia’s appointment ensures that all customers and stakeholders continue to experience the best results from their affiliation with LightWare. 

Group CRO, Philip Constantine, says: “Nadia is a dedicated team player that has led the charge from the trenches. Her tenacity and dedication is what earns the entire team’s respect. I wish her every success in this new role.” 

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