Asia’s first eVTOL corridor planned

Asia’s first eVTOL corridor planned

Asa Quesenberry

I’m excited to finally announce our plans with the Korean-based eVTOL manufacturer PLANA on the development of the first international eVTOL corridor in Asia.

The Plana team has built out an impressive aircraft with technology that allows for flight ranges up to 500km. This type of range allows us to connect areas and regions via AAM that would otherwise be unreachable.

Utilizing the vertiport infrastructure developed by our SkyScape Japan (DroNext), communities will be able to support not only passenger operations but also a variety of other integrated AAM services.

As such a massive undertaking will surely take time, our two groups plan to begin with a concept of operations (ConOps) meant to engage stakeholders at both the community and federal levels. If you or your team are interested in joining our ConOps please feel free to reach out.

The future of AAM opens up tremendous opportunities. Our groups are looking forward to being able to leverage this emerging market to improve community resiliency and foster closer ties while also creating a truly unique experience between Japan and Korea

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