Mechatronics Engineering – Remote Pilot Training Organisation

Mechatronics Engineering – Remote Pilot Training Organisation

A certified RPTO under rule 39 of the Drone Rules 2021, Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), New Delhi – 110003

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India is the regulatory body in the field of Civil Aviation (Aircraft and Drones) primarily dealing with safety issues. DGCA has made Drone pilot training mandatory for any drone above 250 gm in India. Drone pilot training is conducted for a minimum of five days which includes theory, simulator, and flight training. The training is provided to make the pilot efficient enough to fly the drone within the Drone Rules, 2021 published by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India. The Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) is provided as the license to operate drones till 25kg. The drones are used for various applications in fields like Aerial photography, goods delivery, disaster management, search and rescue operations, geographic mapping, building safety inspections, crop monitoring and spraying, etc.


  • To develop expert pilots in small category drone and committed to render aviation services to society at global standards.


  • To build infrastructure, dynamic manpower and adopt recent drone technology so as to remain in-line with DGCA standards.
  • To use innovative teaching techniques to synergize the knowledge delivered at class room, ground training and actual flight training.
  • To design the mechanism to remain ethical and professional with aviation policies framed at national and international agencies.

The K.E.S. RIT RPTO is approved in the January 2023 . The organization plans to impart professional and proficient training to eligible candidates to meet the ever-growing need for drone pilots across the state as well as in the country.

Features of Drone Pilot Training Organization:

  • Guaranteed Most affordable training fees in the whole of India
  • Best drone in the industry
  • Best Instructors on the DGCA list
  • Expertise in theory and practical knowledge of drones
  • Strong intent of job placement
  • Training provided with 100% Job assistance

Our course Structure :

DayTopicsTime (Hrs)
Day 1Enrolment of Trainee; Ground Class (Theoretical)7 Hrs
Day 2Ground Class (Theoretical)7 Hrs
Day 3Simulator Class / Drone Flight Training3 Hrs (Simulator/Student); / 1 Hr (Flight/Student)
Day 4Drone Flight Training 2 Hrs Flights/student2 Hrs Flights/student
Day 5Training Completion Certificate1 Hr Flight/student

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