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Easy Aerial and Airvolute collaboration

We are proud to announce our newest collaboration with Airvolute a Slovakian technological startup which developed the DroneCore.Suite, is an AI-enabled flight controller solution that includes a powerful processor to execute advanced edge processing.

This collaboration takes Easy Aerial drone technology to new heights as this new configuration reduces the total weight of our UAV, and at the same time offers state-of-the-art AI edge processing which allows the UAV to process information without the need to stream data to the ground.

This integration is pivotal for Easy Aerial drone-in-a-box solutions as it not only elevates the AI/ML edge processing capability as a standard offering in our systems, it also enforces the NDAA-compliant and Blue sUAS editions of EA systems with an embedded edge processing capability.

Learn more about Airvolute and their role is upgrading our robust drone-in-a-box solutions: https://www.airvolute.com/
Learn more about Easy Aerial #dronetechnologyqr.link/Q6flpc

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