AUVSI launch green UAS scheme for America

AUVSI launch green UAS scheme for America

Not enough American companies managing to comply with the Blue sUAS program perhaps? It will be interesting to see how this pans out. The AUVSI has not traditionally been a friend to the small industry, instead serving defence vendors first and foremost. My bat senses tell me this will muddy the waters further. I am guessing DJI will be taking AUVSI off the Christmas card list now.

We had an idea this was coming on Tuesday. Philip Rowse from CubePilot was not so sure about the scheme.

Green UAS builds on Blue UAS to serve the non-defence drone community and bolsters the drone manufacturing base.

Green UAS is the first product of AUVSI’s broader Trusted Cyber Program, which AUVSI launched in August 2022 with collaboration from AUVSI members and Fortress Information Security, a leading cybersecurity firm with experience in industry-led cyber standards development.

The assessment process is administered by AUVSI — the world’s largest nonprofit for drones and autonomous systems — in collaboration with the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU). AUVSI will work with a network of cybersecurity firms to rapidly vet drones that are seeking Green UAS certification using frameworks that address threats and cyber risks in the areas of corporate cyber hygiene, product and device security, supply chain risk management, and for drones that are not seeking to go from Green to Blue, remote operations and connectivity.

Green-compliant drones that have a DoD customer/sponsor willing to sponsor and fund a DoD Authority to Operate (ATO) will have the opportunity to transition from the Green UAS cleared list to Blue UAS cleared list. 

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