PDRA01 application form update

PDRA01 application form update

The online application form for PDRA01 has been updated and is set to go-live on the 31st January 2023. The application process has been updated in order to comply with the requirements of the UK Regulation (EU) 2019/947 Article 11 2 (d), the results of the risk assessment contained within CAP722H and the regulatory safety management  system (RSMS). The changes are:

  1. Recording of the technical characteristics of each UAS contained within the current UAS Operators operations manual directly into the application form. Please see Chapter 3 of CAP722H for the example table.
  2. Technical/ Maintenance Logs for each UAS are now required to be supplied in support of a renewal application.
  3. Pilot logs for each UAS to be manually recorded directly into the application form for each remote pilot listed within the current UAS Operators’ operations manual.
  4. The current and valid competency certificate (GVC or equivalent) for each remote pilot on the category of aircraft they pilot to be supplied for each application type including renewals.

Publications Update

As you may be aware we have recently released updates to the 722 series along with the publication of the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material (AMC/GM) to the UK Regulation (EU) 2019/947. The UAS Operators operations manual should be updated in accordance with these publications in order to prevent applications being put on-hold and ensure continued safe operation of UK UAS.

When amending the Operations Manual, you may wish to follow our guidance within CAP722A.

Please see the AMC/GM

Please see the CAP722 series publications