Murzilli Consulting teams up with Baringa for a UK Remote ID strategy proposal for remotely piloted aircraft

Murzilli Consulting teams up with Baringa for a UK Remote ID strategy proposal for remotely piloted aircraft

Switzerland-based Murzilli Consulting has won a project in collaboration with Baringa to develop a strategy for any future Remote ID requirement for UK drone and remotely piloted services. 

The projects’ main goal is to support the UK Civil Aviation Authority in defining an approach for implementing any future Remote ID solution that best serves all stakeholders involved, including users, citizens, law enforcement and broader government stakeholders. 

Murzilli Consulting brings its global experience in aviation and drones – in particular from Switzerland. Its CEO, Lorenzo Murzilli, successfully led the Swiss U-space Implementation Program (SUSI), with specific focus on setting up a partnership between government bodies and industry for Remote ID solutions. 

‘‘The UK is a leading nation on drone development, and we are pleased to be part of the strategic process to continue this work.” says Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder and CEO at Murzilli Consulting.

Baringa’s extensive experience with the UK Government in leading critical infrastructure programmes is further strengthened by Murzilli Consulting’s technical expertise and brings to the UK CAA a thorough and detailed delivery partner for the implementation of Remote ID. 

“It’s exciting to be expanding our Transport and Infrastructure capability into the aviation industry in a way that makes excellent use of our UK national security credibility”, says Matt Jones, Partner at Baringa.

About Murzilli Consulting

Murzilli Consulting is a regulatory consultancy that helps clients see success with regulation strategy, implementation, and compliance.

It provides a Digital Outsourced Regulatory Department service and works with government bodies and enterprises to establish a high-performing internal regulatory function.

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