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DRONE VOLT announces LineDrone meets all of HydroQuébec’s technical requirements

DRONE VOLT, expert in embedded artificial intelligence and manufacturer of professional
civilian drones, announces that its first version of the LineDrone meets all of HydroQuébec’s technical requirements.

DRONE VOLT announces that the recent tests, both in laboratory and outside on energised
transmission lines have made it possible to obtain Hydro-Québec’s green light to offer, as of
January 2023, demonstrations and services for inspecting conductor joints.

The objective of the recent tests was to validate the proper functioning of the drone and sensor
(the LineOhm), their ability to carry out inspection missions, and generate data to allow the precise
evaluation of joint degradation.

DRONE VOLT will thus be able to carry out in the next few days these first demonstrations with
its customers. The group has also built dedicated infrastructures on its UTAC site to train its pilots
and make the first presentations.

“This is the conclusion of a long process initiated in 2020” says Marc Courcelle, CEO of DRONE
VOLT. “The upcoming launch of the LineDrone is a culmination for all the DRONE VOLT teams
who have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years, sometimes under difficult conditions, especially
during the pandemic. The year 2023 thus opens new perspectives for the group.

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