Drone LiDAR and Software Rental Options from GeoCue Now Available in Europe

The 2023 LiDARental Program provides easy access to rent TrueView 3D Systems and LP360 Software

Huntsville, AL– GeoCue announces the European launch of the 2023 LiDARental Program. This new
rental program provides easy access to Innovative TrueView 3D Imaging Systems and the complete
LP360 Drone data processing and visualization software.

Drone LIDAR has solidified a position as a leading technology in the geospatial industry for surveying and
mapping applications. However, for some new to drone LiDAR, the cost of LiDAR hardware, software,
workflow, training, and support can be intimidating. The 2023 LiDARental Program provides easy access
to the drone LIDAR/ imagery arena.

GeoCue CEO, Frank Darmayan explains, “We understand that many surveying, engineering, and
construction companies are eager to implement drone LiDAR, but hesitant to adopt the technology due
to costs, support, software, and adaptation. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to try this
technology at low risk and low cost through our LiDARental Program.”

The program includes training, support, data processing and visualization software through affordable
weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual rental plans. GeoCue understands that some projects take more
or less time than others, therefore, rental periods are structured to meet your needs; as short as 1
week, up to 12 months. Rental also includes access to LP360 Drone processing software including Strip
Align and Photo options for the rental period including one month after rental end date.

Participants in the 2023 LiDARental Program can choose from a full range of professional-grade
geomatics sensors to select the right drone mapping solution for their project needs. Options include
the TrueView 435, the TrueView 515, and the TrueView 660. Processing is included through LP360
Drone, transforming LiDAR and imagery data with visualization, quality check, classification, 3D editing,
and analysis capabilities.

Conveniently, should a customer decide that a traditional purchase is more practical than renting,
GeoCue can easily upgrade the plan to full ownership. The program is built around the needs of the

According to Vincent Legrand, Vice President of Sales for GeoCue, this new rental option will help open
the drone LiDAR market to a wider range of geospatial companies. “Our goal is to meet customers on
their terms with technology adoption, budget, and resources. The LiDARental Program gives them the
option to affordably complete their projects with all the benefits of our TrueView drone LiDAR
equipment and LP360 software split into convenient monthly payments.”

If your business is interested in getting started with the 2023 LiDARental Program, contact a GeoCue
sales professional to see if renting drone LiDAR equipment and software is the right fit for your

About GeoCue

GeoCue and Microdrones have joined together to bring geospatial experts the very best in drone
surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow, training, and support for high-accuracy LiDAR and
drone mapping to help civil engineering and surveying professionals achieve successful data collection,
processing, and management.

With TrueView drone LiDAR/Imaging sensors, LP360 point cloud data processing software, and fully
integrated systems from Microdrones, we are the leader in LiDAR mapping processing in North America
able to meet customers where they are in terms of technology adoption, budget, and resources. 

To learn more about GeoCue, TrueView products, and LP360 Drone visit www.geocue.com

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