Airspace Experience Technologies announces partnership with Mail Management Services

Airspace Experience Technologies announces partnership with Mail Management Services

In their latest partnership announcement, Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX) has signed an agreement with Mail Management Services out of Lincoln, Nebraska to supply eVTOLs to their fleet in 2025.  This announcement was made at CES in Las Vegas on January 6th, 2023.

MMS has partnered with Airspace Experience Technologies to deploy eVTOL aircraft to transport USPS payloads between cities, airports and suburbs.  With a pure electric model, ASX can move up to 1000 pounds over 150 miles, and 2000 pounds 75 miles.  The hybrid ASX Sigma-6 will transport up to 1000 pounds 760 miles, and 2000 pounds 380 miles.

Beginning in 2023, Mail Management Services will begin their journey towards fleet electrification with infrastructure projects at their owned facilities.  Those facilities are based in Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, and Colorado.  They will introduce electric delivery vehicles in the latter part of 2023 and continue to add to the fleet with current plans through 2025.  The company has grown by 300 percent over the last year and is projected to double its current size in 2023.

The ASX Sigma-6 eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicle boasts the most flexible platform on the market that minimizes failure modes and reduces development and manufacturing costs.  Their design is the only multi-modal vehicle in development.  Co-founded by CEO Jon Rimanelli in 2017, the company landed on the Sigma-6 after extensive market research, modelling, prototypes and testing.  They were the prominent feature at the 2022 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

“We are committed to de-carbonization and improving performance for our customers.  Traffic congestion is an inefficient use of time, fuel and resources for our customers.  By elevating our vehicles above the roadways, we will dramatically enhance performance and reduce carbon emissions,” said John Pool, COO of Mail Management Services.

“Mail Management’s business is a perfect fit with ASX and Sigma-6,” said ASX CEO and Founder Jon Rimanelli.  He continued, “Their mission to modernize, decarbonize and electrify the logistics structure within our domestic delivery system is seeking exactly what we provide – lower emissions, more efficient and more accessible transport.  We built the Sigma-6 to elevate and diffuse traffic for all uses – passenger, cargo and emergency management.  We are proud and excited to work with a company that shares our goals and values.”

About ASX

ASX is committed to revolutionizing the future of mobility by air. Our eVTOL SIGMA-6 offers the capability to re-imagine and interconnect national and international logistics, as well as taking commuters out of traffic and into the air. Based in Detroit, ASX draws on the spirit of ‘Motor City’ innovation, with an eco-friendly, quiet and fully connected aircraft that offers vertical take-off and landing. Applications include, but are not limited to, cargo logistics, people carrying, Defence and First Response.

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About Mail Management Services

Mail Management Services is a dedicated United States Postal Service (USPS) Mail contractor with over 500 employees.  They currently operate in twelve states, running 45 USPS HCR) AND LRO  contracts, with 99.9% performance of more than 200,000 scheduled annual trips.