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Swoop Aero celebrates 3 years of operations in Malawi

This month marks 3 years of sustained operations of Swoop Aero’s integrated drone logistics network in Malawi! Swoop Aero’s Malawi network is the longest-standing integrated drone logistics network in the world. With the incredible Swoop Aero Malawi Crew, supported by our cloud-based technology platform, Melbourne HQ Crew, and partners, we’ve moved closer to a world where seamless supply chains bring emotional and economic prosperity for all they serve.

Since November 2019, Swoop Aero has partnered with some of the largest organisations in the global health and logistics sector. We’re proud to work shoulder to shoulder in Malawi with USAIDUPS, UKAID, UNICEF, and VillageReach. Together, we’ve improved the accessibility of essential supplies, including vaccines and antibiotics, in hard-to-reach communities.

A very special shout out to Swoop Aero’s Malawi Crew, which has now grown to 11 full-time local Crew members, including our pilots and network manager – graduates from the African Drone & Data Academy Powered By UNICEF.

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