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Networx3 UAV is helping business owners beat the energy crisis using its latest thermal imaging drone

The Matrice DJI M30T is the latest addition to the fleet but is already pulling its weight for clients who want to get to grips with sky-high energy costs.

The drone maps commercial premises – from warehouses and offices to industrial units and shops – and captures images of where heat is escaping.

This allows business owners to pinpoint where their premises are energy inefficient, fix the problem and reduce their soaring electricity and gas bills.

Networx3 UAV managing director and commercial drone pilot Ian Ashworth said: “This new drone’s superpower is thermal imaging. It can tell you where you are losing heat through windows and doors, identify precisely where energy is getting wasted and gives you an accurate snapshot of your energy performance.

“Armed with this knowledge business owners can then make their premises more energy efficient and see their bills drop as a result.

“This is useful for anyone who wants to have more insight about their energy use.”

The Matrice DJI M30T produces full thermal imaging surveys which allow business owners to see precisely where they’re losing energy on a building such as roller shutters, poorly-insulated roofs or single-glazed windows.

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