Get your DJI Aeroscope in time for Christmas from Alibaba

There was a time when the only people allowed to own a DJI Aeroscope system had to be vetted and access to law enforcement was also controlled.

Not anymore!

Aeroscope has made it onto Alibaba

Of all the drone detection systems out there this is the best IMHO. That’s easy to say because its made by the very people that made the majority of drones you are looking for.

What does this matter, well in the USA the position of not only the drone is exposed but that of the operator as well? It presents a safety risk for RPAS pilots and a wonderful way of gathering commercial data on the opposition.

A great use case would be collect data on flights breaking the law within city limits and then sell the evidence to the local authority so they can make some cash out of fines and confiscation of equipment. I guess the FAA might be interested but a local council that has created anti-drone bylaws will be much faster in acting.

Don’t forget to take $30 off the $140k if you use PayPal. What a time to be alive.

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