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Disable DJI remote identification (RID)

The tale of remote ID in America is a sorry tale, it has been a long time coming with very few people paying attention.

A deadly unintended consequence is already playing out. The FAA would do well to push back the RID timeline until after the war in Ukraine is over.

Bruce Simpson has stood up his GhostRID spoofing initiative, an effort to mask the operator position.

Andreas @Bin4ryDigit and Kevin KF@d0tslash along with others have worked out how to break the RID signal via a DJI AeroScope, follow the instructions at –

CIAJeepDoors is an anagram of DJIAeroscope

So why does this matter?

Well firstly we know that private entities own and operate chains of Aeroscope units, the data leak exposed in October proves at least 53 are in the hands of a single company in America.

Now for a small consideration, that company could switch RID off for commercial or private users. The FAA would not be over-pleased as you are not supposed to be able to tamper with RID.

So who is at fault, DJI for leaving a back door open or the Aeroscope user that might offer the service?

But, there is a bigger issue for a select group of DJI users in Ukraine, DJI has been enabling RID via firmware updates to meet FAA mandates, recently the Avata received the treatment. You now have to connect a mobile device before the Avata will take off using certain controllers. This is to get the operator position from that device.

Russia has plenty of Aeroscopes, so it can see DJI gear easily and disable RID in its own machines.

It gets a little worse, Aeroscope will see all RID-compliant airframes. Technically anything new sold in America now has to be RID compliant.

This list shows current compliant airframes

The first wave of unintended consequences of a system that does not improve flight safety or operator compliance is appearing. It’s not a requirement for manufacturers until tomorrow (Dec 16th 2022)

When all the sums are done I expect DJI will be one of the highest-earning military vendors in the conflict selling equipment to both sides. Well played China.

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