AAM Featured Multirotor UAM

Alauda Completes Landmark Three eVTOL Operations

In September, Alauda Aeronautics achieved a company first by flying three Speeder’s in close proximity together in South Australia.

This safety work is essential in Airspeeder’s mission to build a flying car motorsport where multiple craft will complete together on the same communication networks. Also, the more UAM validation of how these craft function together on the same networks will also yield important data for the AAM industry.

Airspeeder’s vision for the world’s first electric flying car racing series has the underlying potential to transform the way we move around cities, just as Formula One has driven innovation for the cars we use today.

Whether pilots are on-board or flying remotely, they’ll be able to fly and race closely and safely without physically touching with near real-time data and connectivity powering haptic alerts and proximity sensors.

Telstra Purple developed a near real-time virtual race-control system that feeds essential technical status information to ground crews throughout races and test flights, reflecting the approach employed by leading aviation companies in augmenting and monitoring essential systems for aircraft safety.

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