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Utah’s first drone show company shines at illuminate festival

Open Sky Productions created a custom drone show for Illuminate, Utah’s first light art and creative technology festival. Utah’s first drone show company was invited to present one of its spectacular shows as the key attraction for festival attendees on Friday night. Open Sky’s team delivered with a custom light show featuring 150 drones choreographed and programmed to display as huge images over downtown Salt Lake City.

“We were honoured to be hired to demonstrate the emerging technology of drone shows,” said Jesse Stone, Open Sky Productions’ president. “Illuminate is all about the infusion of technology and art so it was a perfect fit.”

Open Sky Productions creates custom drone shows for events, many of which are private, so the team jumped at the chance to participate in a local, public event. The world’s first ever drone show was presented in 2012 and Open Sky is at the forefront of pushing this technology to new levels. Justin Egbert, Open Sky Productions’ Engineer and Animator, compared the innovation in drone shows to the history of video game innovation.

“If you look at drone shows like video games, we’re at Pong levels right now and I think it’s going to get to Super Mario 64 levels as far as technology, fun and creativity go,” said Egbert. “At Open Sky, we are constantly pushing drone shows to be even cooler than they were.”

Clips from the drone show at Illuminate are available at www.instagram.com/OpenSkyPro or

About Open Sky Productions  
Open Sky Productions is a Utah-based drone light show company, from some of the same team behind the award-winning frozen attraction Ice Castles. Open Sky has created remarkable and safe drone shows in multiple U.S. states. Visit openskypro.com to see clips of magical drone shows and information about how to hire Open Sky Productions. To see a live show, stay in the loop about local events by following @openskypro on Instagram.

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