UPDWG Webinar: What’s ethics got to do with it?

The UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group invites you to the webinar “What’s ethics got to do with it?: A nuanced look at safety and security in drone-enabled healthcare logistics in Africa.” on December 6th, 2022, from 4:00-5:00 pm CAT/ 9:00-10:00 am EST.

About this webinar:
The Drones Doing Good Alliance, in partnership with the FCDO’s Frontier Technology Hubs, has produced a report on the ethical safety and security considerations of drone-enabled healthcare logistics in Africa. The discussion paper aims to make explicit the ways ethics can shape regulations. It lays out some of the key risks and details a wide range of concrete solutions that can be undertaken to increase safety while providing an enabling environment.

About our guest presenters:

Tendai Pasipanodya is a director at Endeva and a Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Drones Doing Good Alliance. Tendai is a systems change facilitator with 17 years of experience in identifying, developing, supporting, and co-creating innovative solutions to tackling development challenges with a focus on youth entrepreneurship promotion. Her work in recent years has been focused on creating transformational partnerships that change systems with a focus on the drone sector.

Dr. Hans-Peter Thamm is the CTO of the aeroDCS GmbH and Co-Founder and Director of Technology of the Drones Doing Good Alliance. Hans-Peter is a physical and hydrologist geographer with 35 years of experience in remote sensing. He has 19 years of experience operating and manufacturing drones. As a pioneer in civil drone applications, he completed a wide range of operations in different countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Rumbani Sidira is the Chief Biomedical Engineer working in the Malawian Ministry of Health within the Physical Assets Management (PAM) division at headquarters, under the Health Technical Support Services department. He is the national drones for health coordinator within the Ministry of Health. He supports relevant departments and stakeholders to efficiently and effectively utilize this new technology as well as develop future plans and the scaling up of drone operations in the country.

Dumisani Kaliati is the founder and CEO of MicroMek, a Malawian-based hardware startup, that is locally developing low-cost autonomous fixed-wing drone aircraft made from 3D printed parts and foam board for the delivery of medical diagnostics for young children and pregnant women in the hard-to-reach areas of Malawi. Dumisani is also a Co-Founder at The MakerzSpace in Blantyre Malawi, a hardware innovation space that has introduced over 3000 local youths to 3D printing, embedded microcontroller programming & humanitarian drone technology.
To register for the first event, please use the link below. After registration, you will receive an email confirmation with the zoom login information and an option to download a calendar invite. Thank you and we look forward to you joining this event!

Registration: https://buff.ly/3OAhjFR

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