T-MOTOR VTOL UAV Propeller Locking Mechanism Solution

T-MOTOR VTOL UAV Propeller Locking Mechanism Solution

At the beginning of 2022, T-MOTOR has fully started to customize the VTOL Locking Mechanism solution for users.

As of the end of October, T-MOTOR has completed the customization needs for hundreds of customers. VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) can take off and land vertically without a runway.

When flying, the motors on the fuselage stop working and the forward airspeed generates lift to make VTOL fly. The rotation of propellers on the fuselage in flight will cause resistance, which will reduce overall flight efficiency, especially in long flying.

T-MOTOR is well aware of user needs and has been working on the research and development of propeller-locking technology. This locking propeller design is a sort of mechanical braking system so that the propellers are firmly fixed in one direction when flying. The propellers will not swing in the wind even powerful wind, which significantly improves the overall flight efficiency. In addition, the propellers can be customized in any direction of locking (30 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.) according to your needs. At present, the Locking Mechanism solution can be used in T-MOTOR U3-U15, MN3110-MN1018, MN4006-8017, V505-V10L. What makes people, even more, looking forward is that T-MOTOR will launch the ESC locking propellers function in the coming days.

About T-MOTOR:
T-MOTOR is a professional manufacturer with its cutting-edge technology and devoted itself to UAV propulsion systems for over 13 years. T-MOTOR commits to bringing a safer propulsion system and the product line includes a 100W-28KW BLDC motor with the compatible ESC and problem with the core technology to provide a higher efficiency product than others in the market.

With the huge needs, T-MOTOR received many certificates including CE, FCC, ROHS, 3C, KC from Korea. T-MOTOR has cooperated with almost 75% of UAV companies worldwide including commercial industry, government, military and research centres etc. T-MOTOR propulsion system can be applied for a very wide range including cargo delivery, medical transportation, industrial inspection, military, agriculture and filming etc.

For cooperation or customization needs, please contact us

Email: info@tmotor.com
Phone: 15070853230


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