Skydio Dock Day

Picture a world where intelligent drones autonomously inspect every piece of infrastructure, including warehouses, cell towers, power plants, bridges and more.

Drones become indispensable at every worksite and fundamentally change their operations, reducing safety risks and costs. Problems are identified quickly without arduous and dangerous inspections. And they’re tracked automatically, so issues get resolved before costs add up.

This new way of working, where drones autonomously operate from anywhere, creates a safer, more efficient world. 

Skydio is working tirelessly to make this new world a reality. And we’re excited to share how far we’ve come with Skydio Dock and Remote Operations

Join us for our exclusive event, Dock Day, as we share what we’ve been creating. Get firsthand perspectives on how we’re solving some of the toughest challenges in AI with Skydio Dock and Remote Ops solutions. 

Dock Day at a Glance:

  1. Our CEO Adam Bry gives an update on our vision and progress in reaching it
  2. Get a close look at the Skydio Dock and Skydio Remote Ops platform
  3. Hear conversations from early customers and see the real-world performance of Dock operations at current sites
  4. Hear from our regulatory leaders on how we make flying drones from a dock possible today
  5. Join in a live Q & A with our CEO, Adam and other Skydio leaders
  6. And more

Why attend?

  1. Be one of the first to discover the latest in remote, autonomous drone operations 
  2. Learn from industry leaders pioneering these new solutions to solve their biggest challenges
  3. Participate in the conversation—ask Adam Bry and other Skydio leaders your toughest questions and hear their perspectives live
  4. Connect and network with other peers who are achieving operational excellence through autonomy

December 07, 8:00 PM, SAST

Register here

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