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Modini and Unmanned Helicopters signed an international partnership agreement.

Modini and Unmanned Helicopters have signed a partnership agreement enabling the sales and bespoke development of the ‘Beyond-S’ Uncrewed Air System (UAS). The Beyond-S is the best in class, battery-operated UAS capable of payloads of up to 12Kg.  Capable of operating in fully autonomous modes, in all weather conditions, with a detachable tether the Beyond S also boasts to be silent above 120m. The novel rotor technology offers speeds of 55Kts, and secure uplink/downlink and navigation systems which work in GPS denied environments.  

Modini are the UKs leading UAS Trials and Evaluation company, specifically configured for platforms which are above 25Kg and operate in the specified dome (and whilst not approved by the regulator, we also operate platforms to crewed certified standards).  Our pedigree of designing, embodying, and delivering similar solutions (to platforms such as the Schiebel S-100 and Stealth II hybrid) now sees our delivery teams operating globally for international clients.  Modini has operating approvals for platforms above 25Kg, as well as trials and evaluation airspace to assist third parties developing their systems, providing engineering oversight and support, and test pilots, to ensure trials are conducted methodically and safely. 

This formal agreement is the result of months of trials and development work to bring this mature platform to the market.  Its applicability and capability is unrivalled, and its potential is limitless.

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