Mavic3 Enterprise PPK and PPP supported by Klau Geomatics

Mavic3 Enterprise PPK and PPP supported by Klau Geomatics

The Mavic3 Enterprise looks to be the next best thing from DJI for aerial mapping, superseding the Phantom4 RTK. Klau Geomatics has been flooded with enquiries as to whether the KlauPPK DJI software will support this drone.

Well, the good news is, YES!

So, if you are adding a Mavic3 Enterprise to your fleet, and relying on the KlauPPK DJI software to keep giving you high-quality PPK post-processing, then you can use your existing software licence with the Mavic3E data. If you don’t already have our software, then please give it a try.

What about MakeItAccurate PPP processing? This, too, is supported for the Mavic3 Enterprise. Great news for the dedicated fans of this astounding product. You can take a Mavic3 Enterprise anywhere you like, just fly the drone, you don’t need to run a base station, find CORS data, or place excessive GCPs. MakeItAccurate will create accurate camera coordinates for the Mavic, saving you time, hassle, and money. Either push your drone GNSS data straight to the MakeItAccurate web app, or use the full functionality of the KlauPPK DJI software with the MakeItAccurate base station option.

If you are interested in trying the MakeItAccurate post-processing option, let us know and we’ll load up your account so you can run some jobs on us.

At Klau Geomatics, we realise that photogrammetry is a dark art, with many variables affecting outcomes. We have done everything possible to help you get the best outcomes with your drone, by making accurate camera positions a key part of generating accurate mapping products. This reduces field and processing time and enables better results, particularly over difficult surfaces.

While many factors are outside of our direct control, such as lens calibration, distortions and other camera characteristics, we are keen to learn more on this drone, and we would appreciate your feedback as you try our software with it.

You can download the software and user guide here:

Please use the software as much as you can in the free trial week, and let us know how well it is working for you. We are confident that the camera characteristics of the Mavic, with the KlauPPK software, will become the next powerhouse survey tool.

As always, we’re keen to talk if you have questions. Please contact the team at Klau Geomatics for more information or call Brett direct on +61 400 154 109.

Klau Geomatics is an Australian company building geospatial solutions for aerial mapping in UAVs and manned aircraft, including GNSS, INS, real-time accuracy solutions, LiDAR and integrated aerial mapping systems.