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The first Slovak drone conference DRONTEX 2022 is just around the corner!

The first annual professional conference on drones and their use in industry and services DRONTEX
2022 will be held on 20 October 2022 in Piešťany, Slovak Republic. This international event offers an
interesting programme, speeches of experts on unmanned aerial technologies, and case studies on
drone usage in agriculture, cartography, or energy.

Conference Details
 Name: DRONTEX 2022
 When: 20 October 2022 from 9:30
 Where: Elektrárňa Piešťany
 Organizer: The Mám Dron Association
 Website and registration:

Conference Mission

Drones have evolved tremendously over the previous decade, from video-recording toys into highly sophisticated flying devices cabaple of performing a number of operations in the industry and
services more efficiently, ecologically, and less costly. Drone economy, a domain that includes not
only the development, sale and distribution of drones, but also sensors, drone management systems,
or data processing software, is experiencing a boom and creates a whole new level of services within
the smart city concept.

For want of other professional event in Slovakia that would reflect the needs of this developing
segment, our Mám Dron Association decided to organize a conference that would fill in the gap, and
contribute to improving the conditions for efficient use of unmanned aerial technologies and
development of drone services in Slovakia,“ says the Mám Dron Association President Rastislav

This event will bring together representatives of relevant national and European institutions,
universities, private companies as well as individuals active in the domain of unmanned aerial
technologies and allow them to present their activities, network, and create new cooperations.
Moreover, the conference is open to general public and drone enthusiasts.
„I am delighted to see that Slovakia is gradually opening up to the potential brought by unmanned
aerial technologies to the everyday life and business. Therefore, I consider the DRONTEX 2022 to be

an important step in this process, and hope this event to become an annual tradition,“ commented
the Conference Ambassador Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ing. Ivan Bella.

Conference Programme
The conference programme starts at 9:30, and it is divided into the following thematic sessions :

  1. Management of Unmanned Aerial Operations
    The first session will feature presentations by experts on unmanned operation management
    systems. They will describe the coordination of drone operations in airspace used by civil aviation,
    present specific solutions for the integration of both manned and unmanned operations, and explain
    the functionality of drone identification in real time according to European standards.
  2. Legislation and safety
    A single European legislation and a standardized data exchange among the concerned stakeholders
    are vital for the development of drone services. Representatives of the international organizations
    EASA and GUTMA will introduce the participants to this topic in more detail. Furthermore, we will
    discuss drone services in an urban environment, the use of drones in accident investigations, or the
    role of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Air Force.
  3. UAS Applications in Industry and Services
    The third session will feature case studies on drone usage efficiency in agriculture, cartography, and
  4. Research and Development
    Last but not least, the fourth session will bring up topics on development of autonomous systems,
    and will introduce academic research projects on unmanned aerial technologies.

Exhibition Hall

In addition to the speakers´ presenations, several companies and conference partners will present
their products and solutions in their respective booths in the conference premises. The organizers
are still working on further developments to the programme, which is already available, together
with detailed conference information, at

About the Mám Dron Association

The Mám Dron Association was established as a civil association with a mission to raise awareness of
the necessity for a responsible airspace usage, and to organize educational events to develop the
drone economy in the Slovak Republic. The Association provides also a free mobile application
(MamDron) to allow for safe planning of drone operations, which is currently being actively used by
almost 3,000 drone pilots in Slovakia. For detailed information on the Association, please see

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