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Nero Poli Water Sampler

Multi-bottle payload with live temperature readings.

Nero Poli is our latest water sampler and allows for up to four samples to be collected during a single operation while receiving live temperature data from the water body being sampled. Nero Poli is compatible with DJI’s M300 and M600 but can be easily adapted to most drones with the creation of a mount to do so.

Nero has been deployed by a number of water-related entities within Australia, including Sydney Water, Hydro Tasmania, and Melbourne Water, which all use Nero samplers to monitor water quality across their operations. Nero has also been used by the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

All of the mentioned case studies can be found here: https://nerosampler.com/blogs/case-studies

Dry weight1.7kg
Weight (4 x 250ml full)2.7kg
DimensionsPayload without bottles:
220 H x 175 W x 210 D mmWith 4 x 250mL bottles attached:
220 H x 190 W x 210 D mm
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C
Sampling speed~1L per minute
Ambient humidity range20% – 80% RH (relative humidity)
Liquid temperature range5°C to 50°C
Maximum operational height from water level3 metres
Number of samplesFour
Tank capacity100mL to 4,000mL
IP RatingTBA
Power requirementsVoltage: 5VAmperage: TBA

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