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Mobilicom Launches SkyHopper Micro designed to enable mass deployment of small drone fleets

• New product designed in collaboration with small-drone Tier-1 manufacturers to cater for the growing demand for high-use applications including commercial inspections, disaster relief and defense intelligence or loitering drones
• SkyHopper Micro is compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a key requirement for US Government agencies
• SkyHopper Micro is equipped with ICE Cybersecurity software, and also delivers secure long-range and Non-Line of Sight (N-LOS) communication for small commercial and industrial drones

Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom or the Company, NASDAQ: MOB, MOBBW, ASX:MOB), a provider of cybersecurity and smart solutions for drones, robotics, and autonomous platforms, has broadened its SkyHopper range with the launch of a new micro bi-directional data link specifically designed to enable mass deployment of small drone fleets.

Designed in collaboration with small-drone Tier-1 manufacturers, the SkyHopper Micro caters to growing
demand for high-use applications, such as commercial inspections, disaster relief and defence intelligence
or loitering (Kamikaze) drones.

The SkyHopper Micro complies with the NDAA, a critical requirement for US Government agencies. Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said, “Our ongoing discussions and collaboration with Tier-1 customers
confirms there is an immediate need for a micro communications system to support the growing demand
within both defence and commercial markets.

“SkyHopper Micro’s miniature size, weight and attractive price point is ideal for high-use applications and
mass deployment of small drone fleets, many of which are single missions and require frequent
replacement. It offers outstanding security and performance in harsh environments and challenging
operational scenarios.

“We’ve designed the SkyHopper Micro to be assembled at the printed circuit board, significantly reducing
the overall drone cost for our customers by dramatically decreasing drone assembly time, eliminating the
need for power and data cables, and improving quality and manufacturing yield.

SkyHopper Micro leverages Mobilicom’s leading wireless technology to deliver long range bi-directional
communications and real-time HD video up to 5km as well as N-LOS operations in urban and remote
environments, supporting Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and fleet management of autonomous

Mobilicom’s smallest data link is equipped with its ICE cybersecurity software, providing superior security
for the drone and communication channels, and encrypting all data that is transmitted and collected. The
secure communications system features an advanced proprietary encryption mechanism and is
compatible with a wide range of flight controllers, mission software and payloads.

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