Full integration of Alpha Unmanned Systems with FlightOps

Alpha Unmanned Systems is pleased to announce that its Alpha 900 and Alpha 800 helicopter UAVs are fully integrated with the FlightOps multi-UAV flight management system. End-user customers will reduce costs, execute multiplatform UAV missions and ensure regulatory compliance better than ever. With the integration of the Alpha helicopters and other UAV platforms integrated into the FlightOps platform,
operators have greater control over more complex missions in real-time. Both companies have just completed a successful Proof of Concept.

The Alpha UAVs combined with the FlightOps system was proven to be scalable and adaptable. FlightOps integration is key for Alpha’s customers as it will allow them to help “future-proof” their investments. The FlightOps management software enables multi-UAV flights from multiple manufacturers, more easily than ever. The ability to mix and match best-of-breed platforms according to mission requirements will be essential going forward. This enables using the right UAV for every task independently of the manufacturer while controlling them in an integrated manner.

Eric Freeman, CEO of Alpha Unmanned Systems, states, “Alpha is proud to support FlightOps and confident that Alpha’s fuel-powered helicopters, which fly in more than 8 countries worldwide currently, will be important elements in many missions when long endurance and heavier payload capacity are key for mission success”.

Shay Levy, CEO of FlightOps, states, “FlightOps gives operators full visibility and control of all systems being flown. Regulatory compliance is essential and FlightOps makes this very simple.

Alpha’s helicopters will be an important part of the UAV ecosystem and we are pleased to make their functionality part of bigger and more complex environments.”

Based in Madrid, Spain, Alpha Unmanned Systems is a world leader in tactical helicopter UAV systems.

Located in Tel Aviv, FlightOps develops an operating system software for safe, clean and sustainable autonomous air mobility. With Flightops, multiple drones of various types can be operated in collaborative and shared airspace using a wide range of cloud-based applications from any location.

Through the installation of software onboard and in the cloud, any commercial drone can be “robotized” so that it can achieve high levels of autonomy and safety.

Flightops’ robust development framework and APIs are easy to use, so customers can build custom applications according to their business processes and requirements. 

In addition, Flightops technology is a compliance enabler, enabling all that is required for beyond visual of sight flight (BVLOS), such as becoming an “integration hub” for sense & avoid systems, long-range and cellular communication, GPS-deficient navigation solutions, high-quality cameras and so on.

Alpha Unmanned Systems (AUS) is an international technological reference in its sector, both for its fuel powered helicopter UAVs, up to 25 kg PMaD (MToW,) and for its engineering capacity working for third parties. Founded in 2014 with Spanish capital and headquartered in Madrid, AUS has made direct international sales to both institutional organizations (governments and the Armed Forces) and private entities. Clients are located in Spain, Israel, USA, Greece, Indonesia, Georgia, Turkey, and the European Union. Equipped with a professional, highly motivated and highly trained team, and with a clear commitment to its target markets, Alpha is in the top three of its sector of activity worldwide.


FlightOps was founded in 2020 and is a global leader in the development of a multi-drone robotic operating system for the advanced air mobility market. With FlightOps, organizations and drone service providers can easily integrate drone-agnostic advanced flight capabilities into their operations, reducing the need for human labor, increasing scalability, flight safety, regulatory compliance, and “futureproofing” their investments so they can add different types of platforms to their existing fleets in the future.

Its drone OS has been integrated into the world’s largest and most exciting drone projects, such as drone delivery, public safety, smart agriculture, surveillance, and more. FlightOps has gained market-leading customers and partners such as Qualcomm, DroneUp, Volatus, and many others.