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Notification of Jamming Trial – RAF Spadeadam, 16th – 25th September, 17th – 27th October, 14th – 24th November 2022

This skywise alerts contains updated information in relation to SW2022/098. The dates for September, October and November have changed.

Activity impacting GNSS and licence exempt frequencies will take place between the times and dates specified in AIC P034/2022 and updated as per NOTAM B2010/22.  Please refer to AIC for initial information.

During the trials impacted systems utilising GNSS and licence exempt frequencies used for RPAS control and some electronic situational awareness devices may suffer intermittent or total failure.

An associated NOTAM has been raised.

For further information or feedback contact [email protected]

Emergency cease jamming contact: 
Range Management Officer via Spadeadam Range Controller – 016977 47321 Ext 6386, 6375 or 6388
VHF Guard Frequency – 121.500MHz, to be monitored throughout jamming trials


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